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Skin Cancer Reconstruction in Knoxville, Tennessee

Skin cancer is a serious condition, but it can be successfully treated with minimal skin damage if caught early. To help patients overcome skin cancer treatment, Gallaher Plastic Surgery & Spa MD offers skin cancer reconstruction in Knoxville and Powell, TN.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction in Knoxville, TennesseeWhat is Skin Cancer Reconstruction?

Skin cancer reconstruction is a surgical approach to skin cancer treatment. This treatment focuses on removing skin cancers and growths to eliminate cancerous cells from the body. For cases where skin cancer has affected large areas of the body, skin cancer reconstruction will also involve restoring the skin's appearance in the affected areas. Skin cancer generally has a positive prognosis, but staying alert to changes in the skin and detecting cancerous growths early can make a huge difference in your treatment. For this reason, we encourage patients to monitor any abnormal growths in the skin, and visit a doctor if they notice anything unusual.

How Much Does Skin Cancer Reconstruction Cost?

Gallaher Plastic SurgeryAt Gallaher Plastic Surgery & Spa MD, we take a personalized approach to every skin cancer reconstruction procedure. This means that the cost of your treatment will depend on variables like your personal preferences and unique cosmetic goals. As a result, we cannot provide you with the exact cost of treatment until you visit us in-office for a consultation. If you are concerned about the cost of your treatment, we are proud to offer plastic surgery financing to help make our treatments more affordable. In addition, we offer CosmetAssure insurance with every cosmetic surgery, so you can go into your treatment with confidence and peace of mind.

What is the Skin Cancer Reconstruction Procedure Like?

The skin cancer reconstruction treatment will depend on the type, severity, and location of the skin cancer. We typically use excision techniques to remove the affected growths, which ensures complete removal of cancerous cells. After the affected skin tissue is removed, we will close the treatment area to complete the procedure. For more extensive procedures, tissue grafts may be necessary to reconstruct the affected areas. This will restore the appearance of the skin after cancerous tissue is removed.

What is Recovery Like Following Skin Cancer Reconstruction?

The recovery from your skin cancer reconstruction treatment will depend on the severity of your skin cancer and the extent of treatment performed. Generally, patients are able to return to work and other activities within a few days of treatment. We always recommend that patients keep sun exposure to a minimum following treatment, as it will be essential to protect the skin from further risk and damage.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from Skin Cancer Reconstruction?

After skin cancer reconstruction, you can expect cancerous cells to be completely removed with minimal damage to the surrounding skin.


If you are in need of skin cancer treatment, contact us today to schedule your consultation at Gallaher Plastic Surgery & Spa MD. We welcome patients from Loudon, Maryville, Knoxville, and the surrounding areas of East Tennessee.