Manicure & Pedicure


All nails are NOT created equal! Different types of nails require individualized treatments. With colors and treatments uniquely formulated for each nail type, JESSICA Nails has traveled from manicurists to the stars® to you! And with more than 200 custom colors, Jessica Nails is perfect for any occasion.

Even neglected hands and feet can experience a rapid metamorphosis within days. Special formulas for every problem:

  • Dry                                                         Soft
  • Brittle                                                    Peeling
  • Damaged                                             Weak
  • Hard                                                      Ridged

Express Manicure-$30 (30 mins)

Express Pedicure-$40 (30 mins)

Spa Manicure — $40 (1 hr)

Spa pedicure — $50 (1 hr)


JESSICA GELeration’s unique patent-pending gel is applied like a polish but has the durable strength of a gel. It lasts for more than 3 weeks without chipping, peeling or fading and is easily removed in minutes. GELeration is gentle on your natural nails, protecting them as they grow underneath. Its quick application and soak-off removal have made GELeration manicures and pedicures the style maker’s choice.

Experience worry-free nails:

  • Long-lasting, high-gloss shine                                     Shaped to your natural nails
  • Durable yet flexible nails                                              Easy transition from gel to natural
  • No chipping, breaking or smudging                          No time waiting for nails to dry!

GELeration manicure — $50

GELeration pedicure — $55

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