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Body Waxing in Knoxville, Tennessee

For long-lasting hair removal, many patients choose body waxing services. At Gallaher Plastic Surgery & Spa MD, we offer a variety of body waxing treatments to help patients achieve the smooth, hairless skin that they desire. We welcome patients from Powell, Maryville, and Knoxville, TN.

Body Waxing in Knoxville, TennesseeWhat is Body Waxing?

Body waxing is a deep hair removal technique that removes hair at the root, producing long-lasting results. At Gallaher Plastic Surgery & Spa MD, we use Nufree for body waxing treatments. Nufree is the only botanical, antibacterial/antimicrobial, non-wax hair removal system in the world. Nufree doesn’t stick to the skin, so pain, redness, and swelling are much more reduced than typical wax treatments. Your skin is left silky and smooth with results that are both longer-lasting and cumulative.

How Much Does Body Waxing Cost?

The cost of your body waxing treatment will vary depending on the desired treatment area. Please refer to the prices below to determine the cost of your Nufree hair removal treatment.

  • Brow (first visit, shaping) – $25
  • Brow Design and Wax – $25
  • Brow Wax maintenance – $18
  • Back Wax -$50
  • Lip – $15
  • Chin – $15
  • Lip & Chin – $25
  • Chest Wax – $50
  • Sideburns Wax – $15
  • Shoulder Wax – $35
  • Full Face Wax – $40
  • Brazilian Bikini (first visit) – $95
  • Brazilian Wax (maintenance) -$70
  • Bikini Line – $45
  • Extended Bikini Line – $55
  • Full Leg – $80
  • Full Leg and Bikini – $105
  • Half Leg – $40
  • Full Arm – $45
  • Underarm – $28

Does Body Waxing Hurt?

Traditional body waxing treatments use wax that cools and dries on the hairs and skin. As it is removed, it pulls hairs, causing pain and discomfort. Nufree is not a traditional body waxing treatment, and actually doesn't use wax at all. Nufree doesn't dry and doesn't stick to the skin, so there is no pulling or discomfort during the hair removal process. As a result, patients can enjoy a completely comfortable hair removal treatment with Nufree. The skin will also remain soft and smooth after your treatment, with no irritation.

How Long Will the Results from Body Waxing Last?

Results from Nufree hair removal are immediate, but the duration of your results will depend on your skin and hair type. All patients grow hair at different speeds and at different thicknesses. However, most patients tend to enjoy results that last about one month. After repeated treatments, the hair that grows back will be thinner, softer, and lighter. Eventually, less hair will grow back, and you will require fewer regular treatments to maintain your results. During your initial appointment, we can help you develop an effective hair removal plan with Nufree.

To learn more about body waxing with Nufree, contact us today. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions or help you schedule an initial consultation. Gallaher Plastic Surgery & Spa MD welcomes patients from Maryville, Loudon, Knoxville, and the neighboring cities of Tennessee.