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Will I Ever Need to Replace My Implants After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

You’ve made the decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery – and you couldn’t be more excited about it! You’re looking forward to feeling more confident in your newfound shape, as well as wear clothes that you might not have thought you could wear before.  More importantly, you’re just ready to stop worrying about your chest’s appearance and start enjoying life again.

However, before you undergo breast augmentation surgery, keep this key fact in mind: You’ll most likely need to have your breast implants replaced after a decade or so.
Many patients are surprised to learn that breast augmentation isn’t exactly a one-time procedure.  That’s because both silicone and saline implants aren’t designed to last forever.  While today’s implants last much longer than previous generations, most patients can expect to have to replace their breast implants within 7 to 10 years after the initial procedure.

Additionally, patients may find that they need to replace their implants should any of the following scenarios arise:

  • Implant Leaks: Some implants come with risks for leakage; this is far more common with saline implants, which are filled with a saline water solution.  Patients will immediately notice a saline implant leak, as the breast will quickly lose volume.
  • Capsular Contracture: This condition occurs when scar tissue forms and hardens around the implant, causing it to leak or warp into a different shape. If you notice that your implants are sitting in an odd position or that your breast is an unusual shape, you should replace your implants.
  • Warranty Replacements: Most implants come with a warranty that allows for breast implant replacement should any of the above conditions occur.  You should discuss implant warranties with your plastic surgeon during your breast augmentation consultation.

It’s important to be aware of these factors when undergoing breast augmentation, including the possibility of replacing your implants at some point in time. Despite these scenarios, most breast augmentation patients find the procedure to be a positive experience that increases confidence and happiness with their body image.

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