//Unlock A-List Skin With Pineapple Enzymes

Unlock A-List Skin With Pineapple Enzymes

pineappleenzymepropeel10percentWhen you think of pineapples, do you picture lounging on a sandy beach in Hawaii?  Do you picture sipping a tropical cocktail out of this delicious fruit?

It’s time to change how you see pineapples – because this fruit holds the key to the kind of younger, brighter-looking skin that will make you feel like rolling out the red carpet!

Introducing Éminence Pineapple Enzyme Pro Peel

Pineapple contains the bromelain enzyme; when extracted and used on skin, it can exfoliate and dissolve dead skin cells clogging your pores.  Additionally, the vitamins C and B1 within pineapples have been shown to brighten skin for a younger, healthier-looking glow.

Given all the anti-aging properties contained in this tropical staple, it’s no wonder the Éminence Pineapple Enzyme Pro Peel 10% is the hottest skin treatment to hit medical spas and plastic surgery centers in the States.

This mid-strength professional peel may contain only organic ingredients; however, it still packs a powerful punch.  The enzymes work to open up pores and exfoliate dead skin cells, resulting in clean and clear skin. The Éminence Pineapple Enzyme Pro Peel 10% is also a perfect pre-treatment for facials, as the open pores can absorb additional treatments for optimal results

The Éminence Pineapple Enzyme Pro Peel 10% also contains chamomile to revitalize and regenerate skin, as well as green tea to deliver a blast of antioxidants to refreshed skin.  A unique Biocomplex formula rounds off this peel treatment; it’s a booster of antioxidants, vitamins, alpha lipoic acid, and other ingredients to reveal truly A-list worthy skin.

Reveal Radiant Skin at Gallaher Plastic Surgery

Reveal the younger, brighter-looking skin you’ve been dreaming of. Schedule a pro peel consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Tom Gallaher at Gallaher Plastic Surgery & Spa MD in Powell, Tennessee.

Gallaher Plastic Surgery & Spa MD also serves the greater Fort Knox and East Tennessee areas. Call  865-671-3888 to learn more.

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