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The very word itself can take on a negative connotation.  Car maintenance.  Home maintenance.  Lawn maintenance.  The list goes on and on.  Have you every thought of “self maintenance”?  I know…this is the part where you roll your eyes and insert the phrase “who has time for that?”

As we all know, life does not naturally carve out moments of peace and reflection.  Many times we have to make time for ourselves.  Treating yourself to a one hour massage is a great way to maintain your body, mind…and SANITY!  When you step away from the noise and chaos of life into a dark, peaceful, quiet room you will be surprised how relaxed you will feel.  Massage reduces stress and promotes balance.  Our massage therapists customize treatments according to your needs and integrate essential oils and hot towels into EVERY treatment.

Take time to “self-maintain” today.  The car, home and lawn can wait! ~Eden S., LMT