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by Jennifer Gibson, LA, MT, NT
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Do you love shopping for makeup, looking for new products and colors for each season to come? Or do you find that you stand and stare at the wall of cosmetic options at your local mega store only to leave empty handed and overwhelmed?
Make Up Product
As a makeup artist I understand how it can be sensory overload, and I love makeup. How do you choose the right foundation color, eye shadow color, makeup tools, or which look would best enhance your features? Scheduling a makeup lesson with a makeup artist is a fun stress free way to map it all out.
Girl Face Makeup
When you book the appointment make sure you get the time you need. A special event makeup application is just that, an application. A makeup lesson will give you more time for learning. There are some items to take with you:

  • *what you are currently using*
  • *a few photos of a makeup look you like*
  • *a list of items you have but may have never used*
  • Most makeup items that are unused can become a new favorite with the right instruction.
Makeup Brush
Lipstick Shades
Blush rosa
Makeup shouldn’t be a chore, it is a fun way to express your personality, enhance your already wonderful features and a creative outlet.
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-Jennifer, Licensed Aesthetician