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DualSculpting: Trim Your Body in the Season of Indulgence

DualSculpting is a quick and effective way to look great at all your holiday events this season. Thanks to this revolutionary procedure, you can now achieve noticeable fat loss in half the time with a procedure that maximizes the CoolSculpting techniques and results you’ve come to love.

DualSculpting at a Glance:

  • FDA-Cleared
  • Non-Surgical
  • Safe & Effective
  • Eliminates Fat
  • Targets Multiple Areas
  • Zero Downtime

How DualSculpting Works

Through the use of controlled freezing technology, DualSculpting works to zap hard to treat fat pockets that are typically resistant to diet and exercise. The DualSculpting procedure is a non-surgical way to quickly attack and kill deep layers of fat while leaving surrounding tissue completely unharmed.
 With the unique DualSculpting machines, we’re able to treat multiple areas at once. Whether you’d like both sides of your abs, thighs, or flanks treated, you can now do so in nearly half the time. After your procedure, your body naturally absorbs and eliminates dead fat cells.

What to Expect

During your hour-long procedure, the two contouring machines are set to work on your pre-determined treatment areas. Because the DualSculpting procedure is so comfortable, many patients opt to use their treatment as a short, moment of relaxation during their busy lifestyles.
 No recovery time is needed for DualSculpting. However, you may experience slight bruising, redness, or sensitivity for several days post-procedure. You’ll be able to ring in the New Year with the body you want, even if you’ve had one-too-many holiday cookies.
 Best yet, once fat pockets are eliminated, they’re not coming back. Keep your slim figure and prevent future fat accumulation all year long through diet and exercise. With the help of DualSculpting, you can start 2018 off on your terms. Contact one of our four locations to learn more and schedule a consultation.