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Creating a Custom Treatment Plan

One of the most frequent questions that we get is, “How much is ______ going to cost?” This is asked about many of our services including injectables, laser services, Coolsculpting, BodyTite, cosmetic surgery, and more. For these treatments, our answer is usually “You need to come in for a consult to determine your cost”, which …

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Date Posted: August 2, 2019

How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Typically Cost?

You know that tattoos last forever – and when you first got that tattoo back in the day, you were pretty sure you wanted it forever.  But times have changed, along with your feelings about your tattoo. Whether you want to get rid of the band name that was huge in the 90s (cringe) or …

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Date Posted: January 25, 2017

Meet the Cutera Laser Family

If you’re looking for the best in face and body solutions, look no further than the Cutera Laser family.  Cutera Lasers – including the Excel-V, enlighten, and Excel HR – are each designed to deliver powerful, potentially life-changing results. Cutera Lasers are used to treat a host of aesthetic issues and concerns, including the following: …

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Date Posted: December 26, 2015

Love it. Love it, not. Tattoo Regret?

With more people regretting their tattoos, laser technology finally has given us a better answer to the unwanted tattoo.  With the discovery of the picosecond, laser tattoo removal has greatly improved.  The first laser called the Picosecond was released in 2013, however it has limitations with colors such as red. With the increasing popularity of …

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Date Posted: September 2, 2015