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Why Hyaluronic Acid Should be in Your Skincare Regimen!

Author: Amber Boone, Licensed Aesthetician and CoolSculpting Master Hyaluronic Acid (HA) has many benefits as it’s a naturally occurring substance found in our bodies for hydrating our skin, body tissue and eyes. If there is one product that I recommend to every skincare client, it’s Hyaluronic Acid. This one can be a game-changer for your …

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Date Posted: July 5, 2019

BodyTite Pro

BodyTite Pro Shape, tighten, and lift your skin without surgery Are you bothered by unwanted fat deposits and lax skin that you can’t seem to get rid of with diet and exercise? If so, the BodyTite non-invasive body contouring treatment may be right for you. It can leave you with a slimmer appearance and increased …

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Date Posted: March 29, 2019

Can I Tighten Skin Without Surgery?

Loose, sagging skin can be a bothersome problem for many men and women. Our skin loses elasticity after weight fluctuations, sun damage, and hormonal changes associated with the natural aging process. While many of our patients would like to address this common concern, they’re simply not ready to undergo risky surgical procedures with extensive downtime. …

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Date Posted: March 1, 2019

How Often Do I Need to Get a Chemical Peel?

Medical-grade chemical peels are an ideal solution for men and women who are looking for total facial rejuvenation. The procedure can be customized to treat a wide variety of skin conditions from fine lines and wrinkles to pigmentation concerns to stubborn acne scars. Results can be as subtle or as dramatic as you’d like and …

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Date Posted: September 20, 2018

Is There a Treatment that Removes Sun Spots & Fine Lines?

Sun spots and fine lines can make us look and feel older than we actually are. Harsh UV-rays, pollution, and other environmental stressors aren’t doing our skin any favors either. If you’re ready to fight back and reverse visible signs of sun-damage or aging, you may want to consider enlisting the help of non-invasive laser …

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Date Posted: September 9, 2018

Is a HydraFacial Right for Me and My Skin?

Skin health problems can occur at any age. Sun-damage, lifestyle habits, and aging can all play a major role in our appearance and self-image. But, we no longer have to undergo invasive surgical procedures to deal with bothersome skin conditions. We can enjoy social events with a newfound confidence. We can celebrate our daily wins like …

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Date Posted: July 7, 2018

Why More Men are Getting Aesthetic Procedures and Facials

Aesthetic procedures aren’t just for women. These days, men are spending more time and money on their appearance than they ever did before. In fact, according to a survey done by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there’s been an uptick in cosmetic procedures performed on men by a whopping 325% in the last decade alone. …

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Date Posted: May 22, 2018

How Long Do Cheek Fillers Last?

Plump cheeks have the ability to make us look happier, healthier and more relaxed. Unfortunately for some, that youthful glee can gradually subside as midface volume loss begins to take effect. Thankfully, we have Juvederm Voluma® XC to help battle genetics, sun-damage, and the natural aging process. Cheek fillers can enhance facial volume and bring a balanced, …

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Date Posted: April 24, 2018

Losing the Double Chin: What are My Options?

The dreaded double chin. It sneaks up on millions of men and women every year, and you don’t have to be overweight to have one. Submental fullness (fat below the chin) can be caused by genetics, the aging process, and yes, significant changes in weight. Excess fat beneath the chin is difficult to treat even …

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Date Posted: March 20, 2018

What Product Can Help Me Achieve An Even Skintone?

Uneven skin tone, dark spots, melasma, and pesky hyperpigmentation issues can all have a negative impact on how we perceive ourselves. Chances are if you have any of these cosmetic concerns, your medicine cabinet is filled with numerous over-the-counter products that simply don’t work. Thankfully, there’s a new dermatologist-prescribed line that is revolutionizing the way …

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Date Posted: March 14, 2018