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BodyTite® and FaceTite® 

BodyTite® is the latest minimally-invasive body contouring procedure that is now available in the United States and at Gallaher Plastic Surgery & Spa MD. While liposuction continues to be the most commonly performed body contouring procedure worldwide and in the U.S., it has always suffered from one key issue: loose skin following fat removal. This may not be of much importance for a younger patient who has better-toned skin that will tighten up after the fat has been removed; it becomes more of an issue the older you get, or the more your skin has suffered the effects of weight fluctuation.  BodyTite® and its face/neck counterpart, FaceTite®, work by achieving a direct tightening of the skin without large scars, general anesthesia, or prolonged downtime.

What is BodyTite®? What is FaceTite®?

BodyTite® and FaceTite® are new minimally-invasive procedures that use radiofrequency energy to thermally lift, firm, and tighten saggy and wrinkly skin while reducing a small amount of fat. Both procedures provide a dramatic improvement in skin laxity without unsightly scars.

What areas can be treated?


  • Jowls
  • Chin
  • Neck


  • Abdomen
  • Back or bra bulges
  • Upper arms
  • Thighs (inner and outer)
  • Cellulite

Do I Still Need Liposuction If I Use BodyTite® and FaceTite®?

It is possible to use BodyTite® or FaceTite® both to reduce excess fat in a given area and to tighten the skin that overlies it. However, it may be required to combine BodyTite® or FaceTite® with other methods of fat reduction, including Coolsculpting® or liposuction, if you have a large amount of excess fat.

How is FaceTite® Better Than a Surgical Facelift?

Some of our patients may not want to undergo an invasive procedure with large incisions or may not require a surgical facelift to reduce the amount of saggy skin in the jowl, chin, or neck. By avoiding a facelift procedure, patients will benefit from reduced post-procedural swelling and discomfort, and certainly, overall cost. This is a less traumatic process with a natural looking final result.

Do I need to be put to sleep?

Although BodyTite® and FaceTite® may be performed under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia, it is ideally suited for local anesthesia and light sedation for small, discrete areas in properly selected patients. The procedure can be performed safely and comfortably with excellent analgesia using oral medications, such as diazepam, hydrocodone/acetaminophen, and antibiotics. This means that you can eat a light meal before surgery and that you can avoid the “hangover” that occurs after general anesthesia.

What is the Recovery Time?

Depending on the treatment area, downtime ranges from 1~2 days up to 10 days. On average, most patients are ready to return to work or to your normal pattern of light activity after about 3 days. Most patients are pleasantly surprised about how quickly they can return to work, social activity, and normal light exercises. Remember, you will still need to avoid strenuous activity and take it easy for about a week or two, depending on the areas you had treated and your personal comfort. We do recommend wearing a support garment after each procedure.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

Studies have shown skin tightening in the range of 30 to 40% after just a single treatment. Selected patients may need additional treatments depending on the treatment area and amount of excess skin. As good as it is, BodyTite® is not magic – a patient with very significant looseness, the answer is still surgical removal of the excess skin.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

Results can be seen immediately, as the radiofrequency energy will cause the collagen in your skin to instantly retract a little. As post-procedure swelling improves over the next few days, you will notice more changes, with best results noticeable after 4 to 6 weeks, and continuing up to 12 months.

Is it safe?

BodyTite® and FaceTite® have an excellent safety profile. The equipment monitors, in real-time, 3 separate variables: internal temperature, external temperature, and impedance. If any of these reach an excessive level, the energy automatically shuts down. This built-in system of protection makes it difficult to apply too much energy. However, as in any energy-based body contouring device, the risk of thermal injury and seroma still exist.

What is the Morpheus8®?

It is a fractional skin treatment using radiofrequency energy to reduce wrinkle and to rebuild collagen via a matrix of micro pins to renew deeper layers of the skin with almost no patient downtime. Morpheus8® can be used in conjunction with BodyTite® and/or FaceTite® in the same treatment session. You may need up to 3 treatment sessions over a 3 months span.

How Much Does It Cost?

Prices vary depending on the treatment areas. Each patient requires individualized assessment based on need. We have the knowledge and experience to find the optimum solution for your needs.

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