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What Are the Benefits of Dermaplaning for My Skin?

Dermaplaning is an advanced exfoliation technique that allows your dermatologist to treat a variety of skin concerns. The procedure can be done on its own or paired with facials or other rejuvenation treatments for even more dramatic results. Dermaplaning is a highly versatile treatment that involves little to no pain, side effects, or downtime. Take a look at a few other benefits below to see if dermaplaning might be right for you.

Quick, Easy Appointments

Many patients like to schedule their dermaplaning appointment during a lunch break or right before a big event. Treatments are done in-office in a little under 15-minutes. Lay back and relax as your skin care specialist gently scrapes away dead, dull skin cells and pore-clogging debris.


Address Your Specific Concerns

Dermaplaning is a great custom procedure. Because your dermatologist has hands-on access to your skin, they’ll be able to pay special attention to your problem areas. If you have mild to moderate hyperpigmentation, acne scars, or fine lines, you may want to consider dermaplaning treatments.

Produces Instant Results

Walk out of your dermaplaning procedure with instantly smooth, radiant skin. There isn’t any downtime associated with the procedure, so you’re free to show off your silky smooth complexion right away. Go back to your normal day-to-day activities without restrictions.

Improves Skin Health

Dermaplaning promotes faster cellular turnover and stimulates collagen production. Regular treatments can improve your skin’s overall health and leave you with a natural glow year-round. Each time you get dermaplaned, you’re removing about 2-3 weeks worth of dead skin.

Peach Fuzz Be Gone

Patients who are bothered by unwanted facial hair rejoice. Dermaplaning is a safer, less painful option to waxing or threading hairs away. The procedure is also a good fit for guys and gals with ultra-light hairs or darker skin tones who can’t benefit from laser hair removal.

Get the Most Out of Your At-Home Products

Dermaplaning can help your skincare products absorb better allowing the active ingredients to penetrate to deeper layers. After dermaplaning treatments, your skin will be silky smooth and perfect for flawless makeup application.

Almost Anyone’s A Candidate

Whether you’re looking for an anti-aging treatment or simply want to keep skin looking fresh through preventative care, dermaplaning can help. Because the procedure doesn’t use any harsh chemicals or lasers, it’s safe and effective for most skin types, tones, and textures.

Dermaplaning may not be a good fit for you if you have active acne, eczema, or a psoriasis flare-up. During your in-person consultation, your clinical aesthetician will help determine your candidacy for the procedure.

Take the Next Step

Interested in learning more about Dermaplaning? Schedule your consultation today with Gallaher Plastic Surgery & Spa, serving Knoxville and Powell, TN. Simply fill out the contact form on this page or give us a call at (865) 671-3888.

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