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What Is the Best Procedure for Collagen Loss in Lips?

What-Is-the-Best-Procedure-for-Collagen-Loss-in-Lips-Gallaher-Plastic-Surgery-amp-amp-Spa-MDBy now, you probably know that as we get older, we start to lose collagen and elastin in the skin.  This loss explains why skin starts to sag, cheeks begin to look more hollow, and wrinkles become more prominent.  In order to address this loss of collagen, many products and procedures are focused on restoring plumpness and kick-starting collagen production right within the skin.
But what about collagen loss in your lips?
That’s right: collagen and elastin play critical roles in keeping your lips looking smooth and plump.  To achieve a truly natural and youthful look, it’s important to correct collagen loss in the lips and the facial skin.
So what’s the best procedure for collagen loss in the lips?
Lip Fat Transfers vs. Lip Implant
Lip implants can provide significant augmentation, making lips look more supple and smooth.  However, lip implants also come with the risk of being rejected by the patient’s body, as the immune system could attempt to attack the implant.  Lip fat transfers can also be an option; however, it takes a specialized eye for aesthetics to ensure that optimal results are achieved.
That’s why it’s recommended that patients interested in lip augmentation opt to the AlloDerm, a dermal/graft implant material that’s approved by the FDA for enhancing and correcting thin, sagging lips.  This special implant contains a collagen framework that provides strength to the lip skin.  There’s no chance for the body to reject the AlloDerm implant, as it becomes a natural part of the body.
Additionally, the AlloDerm implant is the only graft/implant capable of regenerating normal tissue through increased collagen production.  The implant feels completely natural and pliable, making this a great option for patients who want fuller, younger-looking lips.
Another Option: Dermal Fillers
Patients who don’t want to go the implant route may be interested in dermal fillers for lip augmentation.  Juvederm and Restylane Silk are two dermal fillers designed with thinner hyaluronic acid gel than other fillers.  This thinness allows the fillers to produce instant volume without making lips feel or seem too hard.
Lip Augmentation at Gallaher Plastic Surgery & Spa MD
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